More Athletes Join ‘Paid in Bitcoin’ Revolution As UFC Flyweight Matheus Nicolau Signs Bitwage Payroll Deal

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Why take rapidly depreciating dollars when you can be paid in volatile cryptocurrency that could make you rich from future appreciation? This is a question that more and more athletes are answering with “I won’t” – and that’s where Bitwage comes in.

UFC flyweight contender Matheus Nicolau has signed a deal that will see him receive future earnings in Bitcoin via Bitwage, the world’s largest crypto-payroll service.

Nicolau, originally from Brazil, is now the first Latin American fighter to be paid in the leading cryptocurrency.

Nicolau, alongside many other Latin Americans, prefers receiving payments in Bitcoin due to the staggering inflation that currently haunts his home country.

His manager, Vinicius Las Casas, explained:

“We are very bullish on Bitcoin, and we are looking to spread the Bitcoin gospel with this latest deal.”

Las Casas will also be receiving part of his salary in Bitcoin.

To  receive a Bitcoin salary through Bitwage, users have to register and obtain a bank account number, this account number is then given to the employer, who can then deposit a paycheck. Once the paycheck goes through, the user will receive Bitcoin to their preferred wallet.

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