VeChainThor Mainnet Engagement Increases With Launch Of VechainStats 2.0

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Here at VeChain, we love seeing community projects go live and thrive on our enterprise-tier public blockchain infrastructure. Since we launched the VeChainThor mainnet in 2018, we have been fortunate to witness an amazing level of engagement with our platform, taking full advantage of our advanced network architecture. We look forward to more innovations to come, and expect an accelerated pace through 2022 based on developments we have in the pipeline.

We were thrilled to hear about the imminent launch of VeChainStats 2.0 recently, a project that has delivered a slew of features for the community. As an homage, we wanted to publish an overview of their contributions over the years as they launch the next iteration of their platform.

VeChainStats has been a key pillar of the VeChain ecosystem for many years now, and has played a key role in helping support the community by developing new tools.

VeChainStats was one of the first projects to offer a high level of granular insight into the activities and ongoings of the VeChainThor blockchain. At the 2019 VeChain Summit, they were winners of 5 Million VET under the category of ‘Application Development Challenge’ for their application ‘Wallu’ that allows users to monitor and track address activity and even receive email alerts from their chosen addresses.

Fabian and his team also built the application ‘Manager’ a one-stop shop for node needs, allowing users to perform a variety of functions including node transfers, selling/buying nodes on the market place, binding the VeChainThor wallet with a ledger via the ‘observe’ function, a node marketplace explorer and claiming node bonuses, providing a seamless tool for node owners of the network.

And of course, they built VeChainStats — a website that allowed users to deep dive in to transactions, smart contracts, network addresses, rich lists and other novel features that have been greatly appreciated by the VeChain community over the years.

VeChainStats’ support hasn’t been limited to tool development however. When BuyBack wallet was compromised, Fabian and his team diligently tracked the movement of VET and provided a list of thousands of addresses that ultimately resulted in over 1 Billion VET being burned.

VeChainStats proved themselves indispensable over the previous years. That is why, when they applied to become an authority node last year, the Steering Committee, composed of individuals from across education and enterprise voted in support of their application. VeChain seeks reliable, trustworthy participants to help run its decentralized infrastructure, and VeChainStats provided the perfect fit.

As a community run project, Fabian and his team have gone above and beyond in their support of our network and we are extremely grateful. So much so that the Foundation offers continued financial support outside of the grant program to facilitate their continued growth and to ensure the community will always have access to their invaluable tool suites.

As we look ahead at the dawn of the launch of VeChainStats 2.0, it is clear, once again, that Fabian and his team have delivered yet another brilliant product for the VeChainThor blockchain. This time, introducing an expansive array of new, novel functions and providing even greater insights into data in all its forms from across the network.

Following this update, VeChainStats entered the level of enterprise-Tier data aggregator, providing an incredibly rich level of granularity and insight. We have no doubts VeChainStats will continue to grow and surprise us in many new ways in the future and look forward to their continued support of the VeChain community.

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